Summer Vibes - Always Sunkissed

July Currently + Summer Vibes Mood Board

Happy Fourth of July! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธI am currently working a lovely lunch shift and will be following up with a fun trip to the brewery! I thinking some 888 Blueberry Lemonades to end my day!

What happened in June!
+Getting in the groove with Nantucket blACKbook
+Did Beach Clean Ups! โ€œOnly leave footprints behindโ€
+Got my Astrology read
+Had a staycation at Harborview Nantucket
+My boyfriend came to visit!

+Went Paddleboarding and got a wicked bad sunburn
+Tried and loved a Sex Dust Latte (iced of course) from Roastd General Store
+Received my two degrees in the mail!

+These great blog posts on summer skin careย , Beach snacks & and some of my favorite Instagram profiles for Healthy Food Inspiration!

What is happening in July!
+4th of July!
+Boston Red Sox Game on the 13th with my boyfriend
+The Trashion Show with Nantucket blACKbook and Cisco Brewery
+A Clambake
+My Family Reunion at Coatue
+Many more beach days

Currently Reading: ย High Vibrational Beauty right now and so far it’s a 10/10 recommend. If you want to check out some of my other books I will be reading or have read, be my friend on Goodreads

What to expect this month on the blog!
+Consistency! You will be getting a new post weekly on Wednesdays! So make sure, you keep checking the blog and checking my Instagram to keep yourself updated and in the know on my latest Sunkissed journey!
+Reasons to find joy this month
+Professional and life hacks to help you keep the Sunkissed in your everyday life
+A few new blog updates to keep things Fresh & Interesting!ย 

Instead of doing a July Mood Board this month, here is my Summer Vibe mood board! July is just a small part in the whole summer and the Summer deserves to be celebrated, just like you!


What is something fun you have planned this July?

ย Signaturepalmm

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