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How I Use My Passion Planner

Some of us are just getting back to school and others are trying to figure out the real world (‍*raises hand* on the real world here). I have been using my Passion Planner for over a year now and have just purchased my second one, so I am re-writing/ editing this post that I wrote in October to break down what I truly love about this planner now that I have officially broken it in. I have also tried the Happy Planner for those of you interested in that, check it out here! Read More »

5 Ways To Get Your Life Together Before A New Semester

The Spring semester is upon us, even though it’s 16 degrees out and feels nothing like Spring anywhere here in New England. I have made a goal to getting my life together this semester and devoting more time to me. (You can see a full list of my goals for 2018 and the shift I will be making here) With that being said, I plan on getting my goals set in place and full plans to achieve them ready to go!

Set Your Goals // Get a list of around ten goals set for the new year. You can break them down further into smaller goals to help you achieve them. I have the Passion Planner right now and it has been nothing but helpful in planning and achieving my goals.Read More »

What You Should Never Leave Your Internship Without…

Today is the last day of my internship at Odonnell Company and it is both a bittersweet day. I have spent my whole summer here and I loved everyone I came across in this experience and I have learned enough information to convince me that I like my major and I am on the right path. But, there are a few things that I have learned not to leave without that isn’t just a goodbye!

Never leave without a Letter of Recommendation from your Internship Supervisor.

This one is very important. This is the person you directly were in contact with, had to sign paperwork and basically lead you through the journey that was your internship, I also enjoy this because it helps to show myself that I actually did something instead of just sitting at my desk waiting for work. Like I actually did something useful and they thought it was good! Read More »

Why Working 3 Jobs Was One of The Best Decisions I Made {For Now}

So as of right now, I am working three jobs and occasionally helping my aunt with catering. I work 24 hours a week at my internship, Monday through Wednesday, 9 to 5. This is both rewarding and annoying. I then have my job at American Eagle that I have had since December. I love the people I work with and no where else can I get in over eight hours of work because I decided I didn’t need sleep that night. Overnights are the main reason I can work there. And now, Starbucks. My new job at Starbucks has so far been nothing but an exciting experience.

Let’s start with my internship.

Read More »

5 Ways to Get Through Finals

As we all know, Finals is approaching and god, is it stressful. I know I am not the only one who has tests, projects and papers all due the week before and during finals week. We are all stuffed with stress and coffee, well at least I know I am. So, here is a list of some things to help you get through finals week (and the last of the week leading up to).


1.  Start studying now.


I know, we have spring weekend, but you have to get going now. Read More »

How to Prepare for a New Semester {Spring Edition}

We’re all getting ready to head back to college from our Holiday season/break/vacation. Let’s be honest, most of us needed this break, I know I definitely did! From warm escapes, getting some extra cash in the bank and just plain ole’ relaxing, I count you are going back better than how you left. A little less stress and a lot more happy. I was doing some research (well, if Pinterest counts) and remembered that going back to a new semester is going to be a little more tricky if you don’t do a little (or a lot) of preparing.


1. Buy Your Textbooks Early | Don’t go back feeling like you have to spend all this money. Buy your textbooks early and safe yourself the hassle.Read More »

7 Essential Strategies to Simplify Your Semester

We are all in the midst of our semester and I know, personally, that its a struggle. I like to think everything is as smooth as it could be and everything is grand, but let’s be honest, college is hard and by mid-semester you start to burn out and need some motivation. I have started to compile this list of some strategies to help you simplify your semester to help ease that burn-out (or make it not happen).

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 3.27.54 PM.png

Photo via @sizelovedesign

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb/ Airplane mode during class and while studying!

This strategy is implemented to help you pay attention. You don’t need that group message or all those social media notifications blowing up your phone and distracting you. And let’s be honest, we’re only popular when we should be doing something else. I know when I put my phone on Do Not Disturb during class, I actually learn something and whenever I don’t, I end up dealing with some problem that takes away from my class where I need to be paying attention.Read More »

How I Organize My Planner {The Happy Planner}

So my planner is a good representation of my life; It is a hot mess. I do really enjoy the planner that I have though, it is The Happy Planner by Create 365. It is set up in columns and has a weekly notes section and a monthly calendar with some fun stuff for each month. One of the best parts about my planner is that you can buy it at Michaels and Michaels has a lot of coupons, so hello 50% off.Read More »