Bermuda Travel Up To Dates! 

Hey everyone! Sorry this will be brief! As you know from previous posts, I am in Bermuda! With that being said I don’t really have too much time to be writing non-stop posts, but I would love to keep you all updated on what’s happening! Wedding festivities are in full swing and Bermuda is absolutely amazing! You can follow along on my social media! @alwaysunkissed on both twitter and Instagram! That being said, I have been and will be consistently updating those because I want to share this experience with all of you! 

Love you all lots! 

Xoxo, Marina 

5 Packing Tips for a Wedding in a Different Country

As you know from previous posts, this upcoming weekend, I will be headed to Bermuda for my cousins wedding. This is exciting, as I get a long weekend full of relaxation, travel and family. I do wish I’d be getting to see all my cousins and family, but hopefully another time, real soon we can all get together. But packing for a wedding is difficult in general, packing for a wedding in a different country is just a plain out struggle, but one you can’t really complain about because you get to travel to a different country. So, here are my packing tips for going to wedding in a different country, especially a warmer climate country…

Don’t Forget the Essentials // Essentials include things like your toothbrush and your passport. Mostly your passport. Whenever I go to leave somewhere on a new adventure, I make sure I always have my passport, my wallet and my cell phone. I always say, anything else, if I forget it, I’ll live.

How to Pack for an Abroad Wedding // Always Sunkissed

Master the Carry On // The carry on is one of the most important parts of traveling. Everything needs to be organized, otherwise, you’re going to have a very upsetting day(s) of travel. I like to bring a few beauty essentials such as chapstick, lotion, mascara and makeup wipes (for the overnight flights). You also need to remember your book, headphones and any other form of entertainment. Lastly, back to essentials, make sure your essentials are easy to reach because you will need them (passport, tickets, wallet, cellphone).

The Dress //  You can no, under any circumstances, forget the dress you have planned to wear to the wedding. This would just be stupid. For the wedding I am going to, I had to have a very specific color scheme for my dress and let me just say, it was not easy finding a dress that I liked that fit me and the two color choices. If you forget this, you will be doomed for eternity and that’s that.

Always, and I DO Mean Always, Bring a Hair Straightener // Now you might think I’m crazy for this one, but I couldn’t be more serious. A hair straightener not only straightens your hair (duh), but it also can be used like an iron. I think this is super important when traveling, especially to a wedding. Nobody wants to walk around in clothes that looks like they’ve been sitting in the bottom corner of your closet all winter. For even better use, bring a spritzer that you can fill with water once you get to your destination.

Collaborate With Everyone Else That is Going //  My sister and I are almost masters at this. She’ll text me to bring one thing and I the other. We compromise so we’re not both bringing the same things to make room in our luggage. It’s also great because you can share a closet this way. She can bring a sweater I need or I can bring shoes she would need. It really helps the world go around when you don’t have to pack everything alone. Highly suggest finding a traveling companion who wears the same size as you, or at least uses the same products.

A quick last reminder, don’t forget to leave enough room to bring back fun things you get and don’t forget to pack the present if you didn’t have it sent that way. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated, traveling takes a lot out of you and so does weddings.

Have you ever been to a wedding abroad? If so, where was it? How’d you prepare? If not, would you ever want to and why? 


Packing Tips {Going to my Sorority Leadership Conference}

So this weekend, I will be traveling from Hartford to Washington, D.C. for a leadership conference for my sorority. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I get to meet people that I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity to do and I get to participate in programs that will help me to grow as a leader and a person. It is a weekend trip, Friday to Sunday, so with that, I must pack on top of my busy schedule. I have created a little guide on how to pack for weekend trips like this!

  1. Know what you are doing and if there is anything required that you where.
  2. Our only request was pants that look nice with a shirt they supply and casual chic. With that I know that I should bring jeans and a cardigan. I am wearing letters and leggings for travel!
  3. Be prepared! I will most likely bring a business casual outfit or even a dress if I need to wear to dinner. Don’t overpack, but still be prepared!
  4. DON’T FORGET THE BASICS! {this includes undies, bra(s), pjs)
  5. Bring your daily beauty products! {think toothbrush, makeup, makeup remover, lotion, bathing stuff}
  6. If you have things you need to get done, don’t forget what you need in order to do it. I need to bring my laptop and charger and maybe a textbook.
  7. How are you getting there? I am going by plane, so I’m going to bring my book, headphones, a snack, water. {this would be different if you were let’s say, driving}
  8. Double check yourself before you leave, make sure you don’t forget anything important {think ticket and passport/license}

***Fun fact: I am the person where if I am staying in a hotel, I always bring a bathing suit just in case! Some people are like that with the gym. I understand and pack accordingly. You may not have time, but if you do at least you are prepared!

I hope this helpful for all of you who have to be packing for upcoming trips (spring break is coming up)


Monday Motivation {21}

Happy Monday Beautiful! cd0c48166c24bf05f887590ceb0ca585.jpg

I have travel on the brain with this cold weather and some hard decisions. I’ve been thinking a lot about my future and where I want it to take me and one place I’ve always had issues with is home. Everyone loves feeling at home, but where is home? It isn’t necessarily where all your stuff is. It could be everywhere and nowhere. Home is that magical feeling and that’s what travel kind of brings. The sense of finding a new home. Home changes with you.


How to Eat Healthy When You’re On the Go

I know, as a college student, I tend to always be on the go. Wether I am going to class, doing errands or going to some meeting, I don’t always have time to eat healthy… well, that’s at least what I thought until now.


I have compiled a list of how to eat healthy while you are on the go. For you, this could be going to class, traveling or even just running around with your head chopped off. Meal Prep

1.Meal Prep

I know, I know, who really wants to do meal prep for the next day(s) or the week ahead. It never sounds fun, but it really is worth it. Buy stuff on sale and make a salad to take with you, a burrito bowl full of veggies and seasonings, heck, you could even make brown rice and veggie, chicken stir fry. It really is up to you! Pick a healthy dish {check out tasty videos on fb} and get crackin’.Read More »

My Travel Struggle

Hope everyone is finding this article with a week full of at least half the struggles that I have had this past five days.


So I left to go to Disney World on Saturday and spent a warm day with a family friend and the night at my Uncle Bob’s with expectations to fly out Sunday morning. Now, I had left earlier then originally planned due to an expected snow storm (or blizzard). After spending  time trying to escape Boston a day early, all the planes were booked solid for Jet Blue. So, I was left to wait until Sunday morning, my original plane.

My plane was soon cancelled. Read More »

Her Conference: Getting There

Hello, Hello! As some of you know, I am currently taking the trip from Nantucket, MA to Mystic, CT to NYC, NY! I’m taking the whole weekend to do so!

In NY, I am attending a 2-day conference for Her Conference! Her Confernce is a two day event hosted by Her Campus. I couldn’t be more excited to attend!

So, last night, I spent the night at my big’s house in Mystic, CT! It was beautiful! We got cupcakes at Sugar Bakery near West Haven and then got dinner at this great burger place called the Engine Room! The burger I got was to die for! It was juicy and had mushrooms and this yummy cheese that I don’t know what it was, but whatever it was, was incredible! It was overall a great time and it was fun getting to see my big! Read More »