Her Conference: Day 1

Good morning beautiful people! I am writing this while sitting in the financial district in lower Manhattan, enjoying a cup of coffee (or two, with espresso) before day two begins! I can barely fathom how amazed I am by not just the women who spoke, but the women I had the chance to meet! This program is one that I couldn’t be happier to attend.

So day one started with check-in and breakfast! I met an amazing girl named Amber and hung out with my “chapter”. We then got to experience all the different booths that different sponsors put on. There was a tinder poll which entered you to win a gift card, Ulta was doing makeovers, Soja juice was handing out freebies and there was diva cup teaching us about their inventive product. Read More »

Her Conference: Getting There

Hello, Hello! As some of you know, I am currently taking the trip from Nantucket, MA to Mystic, CT to NYC, NY! I’m taking the whole weekend to do so!

In NY, I am attending a 2-day conference for Her Conference! Her Confernce is a two day event hosted by Her Campus. I couldn’t be more excited to attend!

So, last night, I spent the night at my big’s house in Mystic, CT! It was beautiful! We got cupcakes at Sugar Bakery near West Haven and then got dinner at this great burger place called the Engine Room! The burger I got was to die for! It was juicy and had mushrooms and this yummy cheese that I don’t know what it was, but whatever it was, was incredible! It was overall a great time and it was fun getting to see my big! Read More »

Happy National Macaroon Day!

What a great day to celebrate our favorite sweet little treat! These delicate little treats deserve this whole day to themselves because they are just amazing (as many of you would agree). Today, is also the anniversary of when I started my journey to Paris a year ago. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I am dying waiting for the day I get to go back. Now, when I think of Macaroons, I think of Ladurée, the first place I ever got to try macaroons. So, here are some magical pictures of the prize-winners themselves and I hope you all get a chance to have some of these magical, sweet treats today!