5 Fall Items I Can’t Live Without

Happy Fall, November is in full swing and it’s definitely starting to feel that way over her in New England! I hope you all are staying warm and maybe even cozy next to a fire? Maybe.. no? yes? I hope you are because I currently am and it is everything I could want in the world! So, with Fall here in full blast, I thought of some of my favorite items that I couldn’t imagine not having in my closet during the Fall season!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 1.41.49 PMBig Comfy Sweaters 

Big comfy sweaters are a staple of the fall. They come in every color, go with both jeans and leggings, and can be accessorized in a multitude of ways. Everyone needs at least one (highly suggest more) in their closet, they are promised to keep you warm this chilly season.Read More »

November Mood Board

Happy November! I know this is a few days late, but without disappointment, it has arrived! I’m also sorry about the lack of posts and interactions these past two months, I have been super busy between both my jobs, class and everything else. But I made it a November resolution to get back on track and really interact with you all. I’m thinking that these next few months can only get better, amiright? 

So here we are the November Mood Board:

What I did in October:

+ I went home for Fall break! Think cute pics and @CiscoBrewery with lots of love and family.

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Sunshine & @ciscobrewers ☀️🍹

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+ I have set up my schedule to register for my last semester of college.

+ I have started to figure out how to do my big girl job (in case you missed it, I am working at a marketing firm in New Haven part time as a Junior Project Manager). I am running strategy meetings and hosting important conference calls.

+ Halloween was a thing!


What is coming up in November?

Thanksgiving! Aka one of my favorite holidays full of food and family!

+ Class registration was today! This is my last time registering for classes ever!

+ Hopefully getting and starting some new books (and making time to read)

+ The beginning of Christmas Shopping 🎄

+ Discovering some fun new quotes that really speak to me as I try to reevaluate and redesign my life


Fun things!

I found my new favorite red wine… peep it here

+ I found my new favorite Starbucks drink! (Venti Quad Coconut Milk Latte with 2 pumps of Caramel Brûlée)


What are you up to this month?




Taking Care of your Hair and Skin in the Winter

So today was the first day it really felt like Fall, maybe even Winter. It was just really cold, but not really miserable. The only part that made it a little miserable, is that I wasn’t  prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared, I don’t have riding boots, I don’t have my winter jacket and I didn’t even turn on my heat last night because I thought it was just the wind. So, I want to help you be a little more prepared. While, my fall/winter clothes are still sitting in my car and on Nantucket, my skin and hair products are happily living in my house and ready to aid this dry and cold weather!

Deep Conditioning Treatment

This treatment I use about once a week and it really saves my hair. I let it soak in for about 5 to 10 minutes, hop in a nice, steamy shower and then wash it out. Reminder from my post where I learned I was washing my hair all wrong and that condition, shampoo, condition can really help, especially with deep conditioning.


Wash Your Face, But Don’t Always Scrub

I usually use Apricot scrub because I have been in love with it for absolutely ever. I have used it as long as I have washed my face, my Mom used it before me and I have never thought about using anything else. One day I decided to try something else and now I am hooked on using both. Apricot Scrub is great in the summer with all the humidity and grease, but in the Winter everything is dry. I still use Apricot, but I switch it out every day so I am not using it every day.

Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Body

Scrub your skin and not just your face. I have this amazing scrub that smells wonderful and just makes my skin super soft. I think this is a great investment and you don’t need to use it everyday! Don’t forget to lotion afterwards!

Eat To Impress

What you put into your body is one of the most important aspects to your skin and hair routine. If all you eat is sh*t, then your skin and hair is going to reflect that. Healthy eating will help fuel you, your skin, your hair and help you out in the long run!

Stay Hydrated!

This is told to you, time and time again. I know every post about skin and hair is always about staying hydrated, but that is because it is true. Your body is literally majority water, the more you drink the better you feel and the better your skin will look. Thank me later for this reminder.

I hope these tips help you this Fall (winter) season. I think these are all very important aspects into having good hair and skin. What you put into your body, will alway reflect that, including money and time.

How do you take care of your skin & hair in the fall/ winter? 


September Mood Board

Happy September! For me September is a bittersweet time! As some of you know, if you couldn’t tell from my blog already, I love summer. I am a summer baby, I love everything about it. From the beach, to the weather, to the free time, to traveling, to sunshine and ocean breezes. But September is a good time of the year and not just because it has my sister’s birthday in it and we need an excuse to celebrate. But, because the air becomes crisp, school is back in session and you have so many fun activities, flavors and outfits to try.

Happened in August…

+I turned 21!

+Nantucket Getaway

+Started my Senior Year of Classes

+Learned how to make a Pumpkin Spice Latte

+Got to go to Upstate New York and have a fun 24 hours cell phone free at Tennanah Lake with friends!

+Got to go Jet Skiing

Coming Up in September…

+E-Zoo (technically already happened but it was still September)

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EZoo 2017 🐘🌌

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+Apple Picking

+Recruitment (WHOOP WHOOP)

+Phi Sig Photoshoots

+Getting HootSuite Certified!

+Pumpkin Spice everything!

Check out my other mood boards! August, June, May

What are you most excited for this September?


Fall Meets Back-To-School

This week here at the University of New Haven is back-to-school week, with Monday being our first day {Tuesday is more my first day}! I have a schedule packed with 6 classes, work, my sorority, clubs and somehow still a social life. A huge part about classes, is dressing for anything the world throws at you. Dressing for class is comfort with style. The outfit I wore the first day can be dressed up or down. I added a shall for warmth {it’s not summer anymore} and stuck with some fall colors. Ripped mom jeans are always a great way to bring comfort to any outfit, especially when you switch them out for your typical skinny jeans! {Check out this article for more on mom jeans}.

This is my outfit for my first day back to classes, even though I didn’t have class until 6pm!




How was your first day of classes? Let me know in the comments!


7 Adventures to take this Fall

For the people on my campus, fall break is approaching fast! I know some of your breaks has passed, but that doesn’t mean your shouldn’t go on fall adventures. I came up with a little list of some fun things you could do this fall break, even if you have the whole weekend or just an afternoon.

7 Things to do this Fall (break)

Go to a Vineyard | This is a fun outing for you and your friends. Explore and enjoy yourselves!

Go Apple and Pumpkin Picking | This is a given, it is a fall must! I just went with a few sisters this weekend apple picking, but plan on going pumpkin picking soon with my roommates. Got some yummy apple cider donut holes. Read More »

College Girl’s Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List | Sunkissed

Food & Drink

Drink Apple Cider || I went with my big the other weekend to an apple cider mill and had fresh apple cider (with apple cider donuts). It was so amazing, especially because it was so fresh. I took a nice half gallon home with me.

Get a Pumpkin Spice Anything || It is PSL season. Run to Starbucks and grab your favorite PSL drink. My roommate even has Pumpkin Spice seasoning for cooking purposes.

Bake a Pie || During thanksgiving, I always make a pumpkin and blueberry pie. I absolutely love them and I love my recipes (maybe I’ll share closer to thanksgiving).

Find a Perfect Hot Chocolate Recipe || I posted this recipe last year and it is amazing! I might experiment and try to find another one to share with you all!

Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds || I love making homemade pumpkin seeds this time of year! They are amazing and pretty healthy for you! It’s nice to try different seasonings on them, such as pumpkin spice and pepper.


Buy a New Flannel || Lets be honest, flannels are the basic wardrobe of fall. You can tie it around your waist, wear it with a tank top when its crisp out, or even as a button up shirt. You can even treat it like a game, got to collect them all. Red, blue, mustard…

Have a Photo Shoot with Leaves || Every fall, my sorority has a fall photoshoot in our quad. It is so much fun and we get so many cute pics for insta and Facebook. It is a day you never want to miss. Grab some friends and a camera (you can even use your iPhone) and throw some leaves.

Buy a New Pair of Brown Boots || My boots get destroyed every year because I live in my tall brown boots. I have a cute pair of brown booties, but I need a new pair of tall brown boots. It’s a fall staple.

Rock a Dark Lip || This is in right now. It looks amazing on everyone, match a dark lip with a light shirt. You can even match your lips to your maroon sweater!

Wear a Blanket Scarf || I slightly missed this trend. I could not find a blanket scarf that I loved and could afford last year. This year I am determined to find one! They come in handy for watching outdoor games and well just anything really. They are so cozy and double has a blanket when you’re cold.

Wear lots of Maroon and Hunter Green || My two favorite colors during winter. I think they look great with most skin tones and they just scream fall. Be basic, embrace it.

Fall Bucket List | Sunkissed


Go to a Haunted House || This would be so much fun to do with a group of friends around halloween.

Go to a College Football Game || You can’t say it’s fall without a little football. Do a little tailgating, maybe have a BBQ and go to the game to cheer on your team.

Go Apple Picking || This is a fall must! Get some cider, collect apples, make caramel apples. Apple picking is one the best things to do during fall. Don’t forget your camera!

Go to a Pumpkin Patch || Goal: Find a cute pumpkin to bring home. This way you can have a fun day with friends and then take a pumpkin home to carve. Bonus: Make pumpkin seeds after you carved your pumpkin.

Go to a Farmer’s Market || These are always fun. You get to learn all about what is made locally and you get to eat and shop local.

Go for a Hike || By my school, we have a mountain called Sleeping Giant and I have yet to hike it! My sorority did a social to do so, but I of course lost my sneakers (moving back to school), so until I get another pair, I am unable to hike it. Hiking is always a fun thing to do on a warm(ish) weekend day. Make sure to pack a snack and water!


Anything you want to do this fall that I didn’t list?

How to De-stress the First Week of Classes {Junior Year Edition}

How to De-Stress the First Week of Classes | Sunkissed

I am in the process of moving into my Junior year of college. While that seems unrealistic to some, for me it is a bittersweet reality. Today I am in my second day of classes and boy, was I not expecting my classes to be anything like they are. Some are good, some are well, difficult.

I have not yet finished unpacking into my dorm room, I swear my roommates are going to kill me. While I originally wanted to live off campus, that was not an option this year. I have struggled trying to get my life together these few daysRead More »