May Mood Board

April Recap
Got to spend Easter in the E.R. with my boyfriend. Tried the HelloFresh box. Went to a Red Sox Game on the 8th as my Valentine’s Day present from my boyfriend, which was an incredible game that we ended up winning.

My Grand Little got initiated. Tried Mecha Noodle Bar in New Haven with my sorority sister Melina.

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Good Food & Good Company 🍜

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Got to go to Bar Thursday with my roommates, my little and my grand little. Celebrated Senior Week with my sorority. Throughout the month, I got to learn how to do different Social Media promotions to learn more and work on my independent study paper. I get to finish strongly in all my classes before finals week even starts, I have only two finals left. I got to celebrate my last Spring Weekend with my boyfriends Luau and the carnival. I got to go to “Charge Out”, where I picked up all of my graduation stuff, such as my cap and gown and stoles. I also found a great graduation dress. P.S. this isn’t it, but it’s a sneak peek.

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And the countdown begins… 🎓

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I went Alum with my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, which was so surreal and I’m so excited to move into a new chapter, but am sad to leave this one behind.

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May Up & Coming

I get to uproot my life again…

May 12, I will be graduating college and moving home. I have an amazing internship with Nantucket blACKbook that I am so excited for that starts the day after I come home with two great events, “Peace, Love & Tacos Block Party” and “Rose all night”. I couldn’t think of two better events to get me ready for this summer. I will starting back at my old job at Slip 14 this summer as well, so my Nantucket followers, feel free to come visit!

The rest of the month is just play by ear for now!


Look out for some posts coming up regarding

  • May Essentials
  • Graduation

  • Summer Fun

  • Career Prep

What are you doing this May?


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