April Mood

Happy April! I hope you all are finding a way to get through this, what is suppose to feel like spring, cold front. I swear, I saw hail today, in between rain showers. they did say, April showers bring May flowers, so lets hope that these May flowers are damn beautiful, amiright?

Anywho, we have some fun things coming up this month!

  • Easter was on the 1st – I got to make a HelloFresh Meal for that! Honey glazed pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes fries and green beans. YUM!
  • On Sunday (the 8th) – I went to a Red Sox game with my boyfriend. It was pretty cold, but it was an amazing game! Just when we thought the game was over, we made an amazing comeback and won.
  • This weekend I am hanging out with my best friend from home!
  • This Sunday (15th) – I’m going to try one of the brunch places I mentioned right here! Don’t worry, I will be sure to update you all!
  • The 17th – Charge Out for Graduation. This is where I get to pick up all my stuff for graduation! Whoop whoop!
  • The 29th – I’m going alum for my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma. It’s going to be great and sad all at the same time!

Then it will be May! That is both exciting and a little scary. May means I’m graduating college and moving into a new chapter of my life. Also, I hope to be starting a new chapter for this blog as well! πŸ™ˆ

Also, per usual, I created an April Mood board for you all!

What fun plans do you have for April?


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