Sunday Morning Coffee Date // No. 2

Happy Sunday!

Today’s Coffee Order is : Hot Vanilla Latte with Coconut Milk & Cinnamon Dolce Powder

Fun Things that Happened recently:

  • Started selling chocolate bars for a fundraiser ($1 each, hit me up if you want)
  • Increased my blog Instagram following (part of my independent study)
  • Got to try a a Piggie Drink! Peep It here!
  • Got to go to Brunch at Box 63 finally! It was so yummy and the atmosphere is just so much fun! The waitress was fabulous, timely and tentative! Check It out here!
  • Valentine’s Day was incredible, thanks to my mans!
  • Had a great Galentine’s Day IMG_4965.JPG

Recipes I found this week:

Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Mushroom Risotto via Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Overnight Oats via Hannahdtrick

Favorite Meals this Week!

Tortellinis tossed in a homemade Avocado Pesto sauce!

I also discovered some great articles this week!

Practical Ways To Practice Self-Care   via Mostly Morgan

Three Healthy Apps You Need On Your Phone   via TheChicBee


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Date // No. 2

  1. Ah Thank you so much for including my article!! So glad you found it useful and Congrats on growing your following! Thats exciting that you’re doing a case study ! ❤


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