5 Fall Items I Can’t Live Without

Happy Fall, November is in full swing and it’s definitely starting to feel that way over her in New England! I hope you all are staying warm and maybe even cozy next to a fire? Maybe.. no? yes? I hope you are because I currently am and it is everything I could want in the world! So, with Fall here in full blast, I thought of some of my favorite items that I couldn’t imagine not having in my closet during the Fall season!

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 1.41.49 PMBig Comfy Sweaters 

Big comfy sweaters are a staple of the fall. They come in every color, go with both jeans and leggings, and can be accessorized in a multitude of ways. Everyone needs at least one (highly suggest more) in their closet, they are promised to keep you warm this chilly season.

Grey Ankle Booties (maybe even some brown leather ones)

Grey ankle booties are some of my favorite accessories. I know we all associate Fall with brown boots and booties, but I highly suggest picking up a pair of these to keep in your closet. They go with all of your more neutral outfits and they look so darn cute!


This will take all of your summer tops into fall outfits. I highly suggest having them in neutrals like white, brown and grey and maybe throwing in some fun printed ones or ones with a pop of color. I think they can really complete any outfit by adding layers and texture. You can also save your favorite summer clothes so you can wear them out all year long.

Henley Shirts (maybe with a vest 😻)

I think Henley shirts really are the perfect long sleeve. They are cozy and cute. You can also get them in a ton of colors (this one I have, has the Phi Sig Letters, you just can’t see) and they pair great with layering and a Blueberry Lemonade from Cisco Brewers 🙈

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Plaid Shirts (plaid blanket scarves are also acceptable!)

I live in plaid in the fall. I wear a plaid shirt to keep me warm at work most days. I live in my plaid blanket scarf everyday. I also have a plaid vest. I think you can layer with them to keep you warm and they match all neutrals and come in tons of colors, textures and levels of warmth.

I think these, along with a few other items are essential to surviving the chilly fall season. I do love the clothes and aesthetic even if I don’t really like fall!

What are your Fall essentials? 


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