Simplistic Summer

Summer is the perfect time to be simple, yet elegant. It doesn’t take a lot to make a great outfit. Pick the right color scheme, add the right accessories and bam you’re all set. I think having simple pieces in your closet will help you to create beautiful outfits because you can mix and match them. Sometimes I even buy the same shirt in different colors, like I plan on doing with this shirt.

This outfit consists of a simple color scheme; blue and white. Pick the right fabrics so you’re not sweating in this heat! Then you match it with the right accessories. This could be earrings, necklaces, shoes, etc! The other day I was reading some articles and I came across one that said every outfit needs three pieces to be complete (and that usually doesn’t include your shoes). I cheat sometimes and include my shoes because I spend good money and time getting them, but overall three main pieces. This one has my top, my pants and then I include my necklace. In the future, I might pair with a statement necklace, I have a bulky nude one that I think would pair amazingly with this.

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Nantucket Vibes ✨

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#DateNight 💕

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Vineyard Vines White Pants / Off-The-Shoulder Top

How do you accessorize your “simple” outfits?


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