How to Eat Healthy When You’re On the Go

I know, as a college student, I tend to always be on the go. Wether I am going to class, doing errands or going to some meeting, I don’t always have time to eat healthy… well, that’s at least what I thought until now.


I have compiled a list of how to eat healthy while you are on the go. For you, this could be going to class, traveling or even just running around with your head chopped off.Β Meal Prep

1.Meal Prep

I know, I know, who really wants to do meal prep for the next day(s) or the week ahead. It never sounds fun, but it really is worth it. Buy stuff on sale and make a salad to take with you, a burrito bowl full of veggies and seasonings, heck, you could even make brown rice and veggie, chicken stir fry. It really is up to you! Pick a healthy dish {check out tasty videos on fb} and get crackin’.

2. Pick Healthy Snacks to Carry Around {and always keep one with you}

I love to carry around Kind granola bars. I love their Coconut Almond ones and Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt bars. I think they are both delicious and really keep you full and going with energy. You can find some good deals on them as well and they really are great for on the go. I also suggest keeping pre-packaged {by you} healthy snacks. I’m thinking fresh fruit and maybe Snappea Crisps. Now, remember when you are packaging these into little plastic baggies, you need to go by serving size. DO NOT PACKAGE FOR MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED SERVING SIZE.

3. Carry Water with You Everywhere

This isn’t really eating healthy, but consuming healthy. Water is the best thing for you. The more water you drink, the better you feel. When you eat something horrible, make up for it with drinking a ton of water!

4. Prep Your Food

Now I mentioned meal prep, but this isn’t that. After you go food shopping, take what you bought and portion it all out to the recommended serving size. This way it is always ready for when you’re on the go and will never eat more than a serving size by accident.

I hope this helps you all still eat healthy while you are on the go! Remember that half of it is making sure that you have healthy options available to you!

How do you stay eating healthy on the go?


One thought on “How to Eat Healthy When You’re On the Go

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