How To De-Stress After Finals

Let’s be honest, after these past few weeks of finals and just finishing up classes, you really put a toll on your mental health, your skin and your body. I have come up with a few ways for you to de-stress after this very, very long finals week


Take a nice long, bubble bath! Let’s be honest, this is what you really need. Settle down with a face mask, bath bomb, good book/ relaxing music and maybe even a glass of wine. Just take some you time and relax.Β 



Go shopping. Not just holiday shopping, but maybe treat yourself to a new sweater or something small. Nothing too pricey, but something that makes you happy.ycvfts5ma4s-hannah-morgan.jpg

Get your nails done. Sometimes it is nice to have someone else pamper you. Getting a mani/pedi is something that really makes you feel all happy inside, at least for me it does. If you don’t have the funds for this, do it yourself and take the time to relax and enjoy yourself!


And don’t stress too much! I bet you did great on your finals and be happy that the holidays have arrived and it is time for some well needed relaxing!




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