Always Sunkissed Healthy Living Food Switching Guide

The Always Sunkissed Healthy Food Swap Guide

Hello, Hello beautiful people! I am back and rested after Thanksgiving break and ready to go with some new content with you! This time of year is perfect for food and not just in the comfort type of sorts! I have some healthy options coming at you to turn any meal, into something just a little bit better for you! 

20 Healthy Food Swaps

I think that there is a huge misperception on being healthy and dieting. You don’t need to cut out all junk food and change everything about your diet to be healthy. Also, not all diets are healthy and going to give you the results you want!

I have learned that food in general is a large portion of how you loose weight and be healthy, yes, you should exercise, but eating healthy is a huge part! Now, here are some yummy food swaps that will definitely help after eating all that food over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Chips and Dip → Veggies and Hummus

Creamy salad dressing → Oil based salad dressing or all natural (know every ingredient) salad dressing

Rice → Brown Rice or Quinoa

Sour Cream or other similar toppings → Unflavored Greek Yogurt

Mayo → Smashed Avocado (really could add avocado to anything, just saying)

Stuffed/ Refried/ Baked Potato → Loaded Sweet Potato

Overly Sugary Cereal → Oatmeal or Yogurt and Fruit

French Fries → Roasted Chickpeas or Sweet Potato Fries (if you’re really feeling the health kick, try this salad recipe)

Healthy Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad | Always Sunkissed

Pasta → Zucchini Noodles or Thinly Sliced Zucchini (lasagna)

Hamburgers → Turkey or Veggie Burgers

Flour Tortillas → Corn Tortillas, or if you’re really feeling healthy, use lettuce and make a lettuce wrap

Mashed Potatoes (I know, so hard to give up) → Mashed Cauliflower

Fruit Juice → Fruit flavored water!

Butter → Coconut Oil

Sugar → Honey or Applesauce

Potato Chips → Air Pop Popcorn (still get a little salt, but don’t add to much butter)

Whole Milk → Almond or Coconut Milk

Scrambled Eggs → Poached or Hard-Boild Egg (Perfect for Avocado Toast)

Bagel → English Muffin (they taste good with cream cheese too)

Mixed Nuts → Pistachios or Almonds




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