Five Blogs Every College Woman Should Read

After all the social media issues coming from the election, I thought I would share what gets me through my day as a college woman. I may not be the typical college woman, but I think you can still relate. Here are five blogs that I don’t think I could get through college without.

My favorite Bloggers | Sunkissed

1) The College Life Stylist aka Alex Marie

I love her and her blog. I have been following her since I was a Freshman in college and I am currently a Junior. I follow her social media and we’ve even emailed a few times. She is one of my inspirations when it comes to blogging and I hope you can see why. She is relatable, her blog is easy to read and access and her pictures are on point.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 2.43.30 PM.png

2) Navy Striped Peonies aka Paulina

I think that Paulina has a done a great job on her blog. I have been following along for sometime and find a lot of her posts very interesting and useful. I think that she has a great personality in her writing and that she really does relate, well at least to us New-Englanders. I also love how you can tell how much effort she puts into each post, you can tell she truly cares.


3) Mostly Morgan aka Morgan

Morgan has a way with her words. She is relatable and her advice is genuine. When reading her blog, she looks like she has her shit together and I personally, want to do some of the things that she gets to do and share with us as readers. We have gone to some of the same conferences and have even been to some of the same places and events at the same time. After going through her blog, I would love to be able to meet her and share experiences. I also think that when I read her blog, I relate to her posts and that is what keeps me following along.

Best Blogs | Sunkissed

4) The Young Hopeful by a lot of real woman

This blog is run by a bunch of different, real, college woman. These woman share our same daily struggle that is the college life. Here you can find tips from anxiety to classes to finances. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a second-semester senior, I would suggest this blog for some tips on getting through.

Best College Bloggers and Blogs | Sunkissed

5) The Blonde Chiffon aka Holly

I think Holly has a passion for blogging and you can really tell in her writing. She is more about lifestyle and beauty, but she has a lot of tips that can get you through college. I have noticed that she writes a lot about skin and health, which I think is super important when it comes to life for a college woman.

I truly hope you enjoy these blogs as much I do. I love how personal they can get too because I even feel like we are actual friends sometimes, as if I knew them in real life. I think that is what helps me to relate to them so much.


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