7 Adventures to take this Fall

For the people on my campus, fall break is approaching fast! I know some of your breaks has passed, but that doesn’t mean your shouldn’t go on fall adventures. I came up with a little list of some fun things you could do this fall break, even if you have the whole weekend or just an afternoon.

7 Things to do this Fall (break)

Go to a Vineyard | This is a fun outing for you and your friends. Explore and enjoy yourselves!

Go Apple and Pumpkin Picking | This is a given, it is a fall must! I just went with a few sisters this weekend apple picking, but plan on going pumpkin picking soon with my roommates. Got some yummy apple cider donut holes.Β 

Go on a Hike | Hiking is perfect for the fall! The leaves are changing and it is just beautiful! Don’t forget your camera (or camera phone) to snag some awesome pics.

Go to a Cider Mill |Β This fall, I went to Clyde’s Cider Mill in Mystic, Ct and I highly recommend. You can get some yummy food, go on a tour and take all the insta worthy pics!

Go to a Haunted House | I haven’t been to one since I was little, and I have been dying to go. I heard there is even a American Horror Story themes haunted walked through.

Go on a Road Trip | Grab a few friends and get in a car and just drive. Go visit another school, visit one of your homes. Just escape for the weekend.

Find a Mom & Pop Coffee Shop | This is perfect for an afternoon. Get some work done or just hang out with a friend.


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