Planner Reviews

Hello lovely people, with this semester starting to get in the swing, I decided to get myself a new planner. My problem with this year, I had a strict budget of next to nothing.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.54.12 PM.png

The planner I currently have is the Happy Planner! It is a nice planner with tons of options, even a 12 month one where you fill in and design yourself. I chose a different option, to use their design. I think it is super cute and vibrant to kind of ring in the good vibes. While the Happy Planner is not my #1 choice, I did have a Micheal’s 50% coupon so the price was just right! {UPDATED: Here is my how-to on how to organize it}

Some of my other choices!

{The Erin Condren Life Planner}


This is the most expensive and one of the best. I love the column layout with daily to-do. The design is sleek and inviting. The price is not my favorite. You can look and buy them here.

{The Plum Paper Planner}


This was what I almost bought instead. It has some great features including add-ons like a Blog Planner section. It is nice because you can basically build your perfect planner. The cover designs aren’t exactly my favorite, but oh well. The price is still at about $40 depends on how you build it/ which add-on’s you pick. Click here to check it out!

{The Day Designer}


This one is actually amazing. I wish I could plan out my life to the key every day, but unfortunately, I’m a weekly layout kind of gal. If you need every day to be separate and have a lot to do and plan, this planner is defiantly for you. A fellow blogger has a post about it here!

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