Another Year Gone, Another Year to Live


Happy birthday to me! Today is my birthday and I have finally turned twenty! With that being said, another year has passed and I’ve learned quite a few things in that short time. I am using this post to reflect on my year, thank a few people and let you into my life a little more.

  1. Life keeps going… again || This year I was heartbroken, but I’ve learned that that is alright. I’ve cried my tears and I still every once in a while, get sad about it, but life keeps going. I got stronger and I’ve learned that life is hard (not that I didn’t know that before). I have been to hell and back before and to realize that the battle for happiness is a never ending one. You have to realize that no matter what is happening in your life, there are still people around you that will never wrong you and will help you fight for your own happiness. I want to thank those people for that. My forever friends and my family. They always prove me to be better than I think I am and they help me realize I am happy even when I want to pity myself. They make me realize, no matter the shit I go through and the shit they go through, we are on this ride we call life, together.
  2. It’s okay to have fun || Everyday, you have stuff you got to get done and that’s okay. BUT, you also need to realize you are young and there is no time like now to live! Have fun, stay out all night and then go to work the next day. That is okay, as long as you are having fun! Yes, you need to #adult sometime, but you need to realize that you are not an adult yet! You are still young and you are allowed to have fun and let your parents be the “adults” sometimes. I was nineteen years old and I went out with my friends, I explored new places and I even made a few “bad decisions”, but I regret nothing. I had fun.
  3. Save your money || You do not need money to have fun. Put it away for when you need it. I read a book this year called #GirlBoss and in it she said “money looks better in the bank then on your feet”. I find this saying mostly true. You’ll want your money more in the future then you do right now. Yes, it is okay to spurge sometimes, but remember you don’t need everything now.

Lastly, thank you. Thank you to my sister for being there always and putting me in my place and letting me eat my breakfast on the floor of vineyard vines while talking to you. Thank you to Christine for being my person, for always answering and including me in every plan, for wiping all my tears and being my valentine. Thank you to Hannah for always taking a late night drive at college with me and for never being too far away. Thank you to my dad for always making me feel special and for your timely advice, “save your money”, “if you think hard enough, your dreams will come true”. Thank you to my mom, for making me fight harder and knowing I’m working everyday to make you proud and every lesson you have ever taught me. Thank you to Brandon for teaching me a good lesson and for the fun we did have. Thank you to my Three Muskaqueers for being my sorority hoes haha and for always being a text away and a good time always. Thank you to my Big and Grand for being bomb and always telling me your problems and making me feel like I always have someone to run to. Thank you to my cousins for being there and never judging and even telling me your horror stories to make me feel better. Thank you Jack and Courtney for wanting me to be apart of your life and always being my home in NYC. Thank you Pam for being a second mom when I need you and always a friend to get lunch with! Thank you Mira and Austin for being the crazy family I needed this summer, you always make me laugh and I’ve never had a bad time with you.

Thank you to all my family and friends, all of you, because I know without you all, I wouldn’t be here or be the person I am. You all push me to be better every day and you all are the reason I have gotten this far.



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