Her Conference: Day 1

Good morning beautiful people! I am writing this while sitting in the financial district in lower Manhattan, enjoying a cup of coffee (or two, with espresso) before day two begins! I can barely fathom how amazed I am by not just the women who spoke, but the women I had the chance to meet! This program is one that I couldn’t be happier to attend.

So day one started with check-in and breakfast! I met an amazing girl named Amber and hung out with my “chapter”. We then got to experience all the different booths that different sponsors put on. There was a tinder poll which entered you to win a gift card, Ulta was doing makeovers, Soja juice was handing out freebies and there was diva cup teaching us about their inventive product. 

There were social media challenges that entered us to win awesome prizes and one girl even won a scholarship.

Day one had three keynote speakers, two panels and a workshop. The morning keynote speaker was Rebecca Minkoff who is a fashion designer who started with just a dream and created this great name for herself. She talked about conquering fear and building up from nothing.

The afternoon keynote was Andi Dorfman, a former assistant DA, member of the Bachelor and Bachelorette and now currently an author. She talked about her life and everything she has been through and has this huge thing on perseverance and having the right mindset. She gave advice such as “your most valuable asset can be your willingness to persist longer than anyone else” and to remember, that in order to succeed and over-come, you must first fail.

The closing keynote of the day was Joyce Chang, the editor-in-chief at SELF. She was inspirational, at best. She gave her two cents on aspiring to be your best and have 5 rules to success.

  1. Stay open
  2. Get down with Plan B
  3. Learn to read minds
  4. Find your people
  5. Try kindness

And one of the most important things that she said was to never let your older self loose your younger self, along with be the person who your younger self needed and vice versa.

I also attended two panels. One called “Marketing Mavens: Mapping out a career in marketing” and “The Business of Blogging: What brands and publishers look for in influencers”. You’ll be hearing about these in a later post! Along with the workshop I attended called “How to Build a Professional Online Portfolio and Brand”.

You’ll be seeing another post tomorrow about day two!


One thought on “Her Conference: Day 1

  1. […] Missing…Her Conference and NYC! I had such an incredible time there and I want to go back for another visit soon! I also can’t wait to see what next year’s conference has in store for us! […]


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