April Goals

April Goals | Sunkissed

Life Goals:
1. Wake up earlier and make breakfast everyday (specifically this)
2. Gym! Simple.
3. Organize my entire desk and delete my junk drawer completely

College Goals:
1. Stop Procrastinating! I want to get things done ahead of time, like have projects done in advance.
2. Use my time for better uses. That follows on the procrastinating. Instead of doing nothing or something stupid, to actually do something useful when I am doing nothing
3. Go to the library more often. I use to love the library and now I have been avoiding it and I am not really sure why. I need to actually go to the library for more than just my “library hours”

Blog Goals:
1. Increase my views to over 500 views
2. Try to use my Camera to take high-resolution images for the blog
3. Understand how email subscriptions really work because it is confusing haha


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