4 Instagram Accounts for Designers

4 Instagram Accounts for Designers
Photograph by AshleyEllaDesign
Hello All! Happy Saturday! I know you all must love scrolling through your instagram feeds as much as I do and I really think that you (even if you aren’t a designer because we all love pretty things in general) should check out this beautifully designed Instagram accounts!1. ashleyelladesign

Ashley is a designer stationed out in Kansas City! I love all the work she does! She creates websites at Hello Big Idea, amongst many other jobs! She does a lot of type work and her Instagram feed is just so pretty to looks at, it is so airy and fresh…

she even has a cute Daushund who wears bowties all the time. I mean how can you say no to that face!


2. CityGirlSearching

This one I just discovered this week and I think Roxy work is pretty amazing. She runs a great blog and her feed is always full of beauty!

Her photography skills make me want to go out and shoot myself, so applause to that!


3. _hibrid

Courtney does amazing hand lettering that I hope you all can enjoy!

Her style is also amazing! I think it is very artsy and as designers, you kind of need some artsy in your life!


4. kalbartestki

Kal has a darker instagram, but at the same time it is very airy which is what I adore most about the designer blogs I follow. It just adds something to them that bring everything together.

ANNNNDDD she has a cute dog, well two, and who doesn’t love cute dogs!




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