February Rewind

Feb Rewind

So I wanted to try something new! I am doing a recap of the month to let you all see a little into my life! Follow along on my Instagram and Twitter also! The follow button is off to the right.Β 

My sorority had our Recruitment and Bid Day! Which as my first recruitment, besides when I got in, and it was amazing! I was dying for a week, running on no sleep, but it was one of the best weeks I have had in my sorority.

Valentines Day was a hit with my boyfriend! Followed by visiting my best friend in Providence. I ate all the Chocolate Covered Strawberries I could and they were better than I ever though they could be! Fun Fact, those were the first chocolate covered strawberries I have ever received and ohmygod they were fantastic.

We had a social for my sorority, in spite of Valentine’s Day, which was a hit! It was filled with red & pink, games and lots of love and food!

For my blog, I hit a new record of over 100 views in one day, it was 126 views on February 4th! I was almost in tears of joy when it happened. I have also had new visitors from around the globe, from Italy and Belize to Pakistan and Sri Lanka.I also published “My List.” to keep track of my goals, which I am super excited to add to!

At the end of the month, my puppy, Tucker, passed away of cancer. He was truly the best puppy I could have asked for. My sister and I had him for 7 years so this was really heart-breaking.

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How did your month go?

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