Sephora Beauty Mask: Review

sephora review

Here it is folks, my first beauty post!

So, this week, I tried the Sephora beauty mask for my first time. I received a few as gifts over Christmas Break and finally decided to give them a shot. You can find the mask here.

Jube SephoraP-6I usually use an avocado mask, but sadly I had left it at home and I’ve been in need for a mask because of all this cold, dry weather. It has been destroying my skin, one place at a time. I also love masks because they help me destress. And I actually really enjoyed this particular mask (besides the fact that I looked horrendous). I of course had to send out a snapchat to people so they knew how funny I looked.

But anyway, the mask is actually quite simple. You just open it, unfold it and put it on your face! After about 15-20 minutes, you take it off and throw it out. You don’t have to get water all over your bathroom by trying to rinse the mask off. You just massage your face a little to make sure you got the serum everywhere and TADA you’re done!

Jube SephoraP-4Just to give you a quick run-over of the Pomegranate mask, it is meant to awaken, energize and protect the skin with the antioxidant-rich natural pomegranate extract. They are dermatologist approved. During Sephora’s tests, 22 people in 21 days of use found that they experienced 100% that the product leaves the skin toned and 95% found it leaves the the skin feeling fresher.

The product was actually really nice, it did feel “cold” on my face, as do most masks though. Heat I feel would be far more alarming. I would say that helps with the feeling of energized and awakened. I do wish it smelt more like what was in it. It kind of smelt off and not fruity or yummy at all. For the after math, my face was not as soft as I would have thought it to be, but that could also compare to the toned feeling the 95% found.

Overall, I would give it a four out of five.


Have you ever tried this mask? What do you think?

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