How to Adjust Your Life so You Can Focus on What Really Matters

What Really Matters.jpgI am the last person to tell you how not to take on too much, but I am here to say that I have taken on way too much and am changing my life so I can focus on what truly matters. I need to take what is currently set as priorities and adjust that list so that I can actually have real priorities.

Here is a list of what I am currently  involved in:

  1. Phi Sigma Sigma
  2. Photography Club Vice President Elect/ Treasurer
  3. Graphic Design Secretary
  4. Poetry Corner in the Charger Bulletin (School Newspaper)
  5. Her Campus Contributor
  6. Panhellenic Council Public Relations Chair
  7. Six Classes
  8. Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society
  9. Honors Program

Here is what I will be doing now:

  1. Phi Sigma Sigma // Because I love it so much, no matter how much headache it gives me.
  2. Photography Club VP Elect // The treasurer position will be given away soon and I will remain the Vice President. I feel I could really put my all into this club and run it how it is suppose to.
  3. Panhellenic Council Public Relations Chair // I absolutely love this position and I want it so badly!
  4. Honors Program // This is for a scholarship, which I desperately need!
  5. Class // I am in college and I am paying to go to class, so I really need to put my all in it.

It is hard to cypher through your life and figure out what you need to let go of. Some are easier than others, but some things just drag you down instead of build you up. Those are the things that you really need to let go of. I was told at a leadership conference I went to that you need to make a list of your priorities and than a list of your top ten priorities that come from the heart. Such as the things you want on your top ten list. You than need to match the lines. So you draw a line from one list to the other to see what you want to be a priority and what actually is a priority. This is basically what I did, I realized that these lists are what determines where I am focusing my time and energy.

By the end of my day, I have no time to take care of myself and that really isn’t okay. It is time to put myself at the top my list! Followed by my family and friends. My classes come next and than clubs after that. I need to follow what I am really passionate for because otherwise, I am just stressing myself out.

I have also discovered that I need to use my free time for the better. This post I wrote a little while back has helped me be more productive in between my classes, but I really need to work on wanting to get stuff down. Some times you just feel like doing nothing and or that other things are more important, at the end of the day, you got to do what you got to do, so might as well just get it done!


How do you get your life into focus?

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