February Goals

feb goalsEveryone needs goals! So here are my February goals for life, blogging and college!

Life Goals

  1. Go to the gym at least once a week, aim for two (Yoga starts up)!
  2. Prioritize your life, find your top 10 priorities and stick to them!
  3. Stay on top of the clubs I picked for my priority list.

College Goals

  1. Do all readings/assignments on time and take notes with the readings.
  2. Study for each class once a week
  3. Keep planner up to date and actually do what you schedule!

Blogging Goals

  1. Hit 500 Blog Views this month
  2. Keep up to at least two posts a week
  3. Try to Schedule my posts ahead of time, so when I have free time or inspiration, I can write some!

One thought on “February Goals

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