Greek Diaries: 5 Myths about Greek Life


I have compiled a list of 5 common myths about Greek Life and have given you my explanation as to why I think they are myths.

  1. Joining Greek Life means you have to drink // I know plenty of people in Greek Life who do not drink, who go to parties and do not drink and who just don’t enjoy going to parties and drinking at all. There are all types of people in Greek Life.
  2. Joining Greek Life will hurt you academically // This one I could not stress being more false! As Greek Life, we emphasize on being students first. We are given library hours and GPA’s that we have to stay above. Some schools won’t even let you go out for recruitment until after you have a GPA.
  3. You pay for your friends // Yes you pay dues, but you are not buying friends. Friends are friends, you can’t just pay for them!
  4. Only Rich people join Greek // I am not rich, nor have I ever been rich. Over half the people I know in Greek life are not rich. Yes it can run a little pricey, but half of it are things you want and do not need to get, like hundreds of optional shirts and all that jazz. Half the people I know in Greek Life work jobs to get through college. We are not all rich, I promise!
  5. People inside Greek Life don’t associate with people outside of Greek Life // This is also false, I have friends inside my major and that I have met in other clubs. I do know some people who have a majority of their friends in Greek life, specifically their organization, but I do not know anyone who solely has Greek Life friends. We do have a large amount of friends inside of Greek Life because we spend a lot of time with other people in Greek Life and we have something to bond over.

I will leave you with this though,


What Myths have you heard?



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