The Greek Diaries: Why I Went Out for Recruitment

gd why i rushed.jpg

I never really thought about joining Greek life, until the summer before college…

I was a waitress where almost everyone that worked there that summer was apart of Greek life at some point in their life. Nobody from my high school was really big on the whole Greek thing, so there was never really anyone to go to for reference on it, so when all of a sudden I had people all around me talking about it at least once a day, it started a thought in my brain. They all told me I should go out because I would love it!

Fast forward to my college freshman year. It is the fall semester and of course, you can’t pledge, rush, whatever you want to call it, first semester because you don’t have a GPA yet and you need one to join. (Grades are always first) Whenever I met someone in Greek life that semester, I was highly intrigued and couldn’t stop asking questions. One of the clubs that I did join, photo club, had another member already in my current sorority and other members apart of fraternities. They always talked about their “brothers” and “sisters” and it made me miss my sister at home and all my friends. That made me want to join another “family” even more.

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. Unlike what I usually do, I did no research and had not a clue what was going to happen. I went out with one of my friends and we were separated into different rush groups (I don’t really know what they are called haha). There I had a Rho Gam to help me through and I was with about ten other girls going through the same thing as me, which made it so much easier.

I’m going to stop there and just clarify as to why I went out for recruitment. I went out because I wanted something bigger than myself. I went out because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I went out because I wanted to meet new people and make new friends. I went out because I wanted a family on my campus. I went out because I wanted to help people and they do tremendous amounts of volunteer work. I went out because Greek life is so much more than just myself.


Why did you go out for recruitment or want to?

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