The Girl Behind the Blog: Holiday Recap

Hey All,

Sorry this is late but


I thought I would give you all a recap of my Christmas!

Christmas night, I went to my Grandmom’s house and cooked a leg of lamb with roasted potatoes, carrots and onions and made a salad! It was delicious. We also decorating her Christmas tree and it came out so adorable!


I was then up all night finishing my dads homemade Christmas present and wrapping presents!


Christmas Day, I woke up and sat by the fire while sweating because it was about 65 degrees here haha and than when my sister and her boyfriend came over we all opened our stockings and than I made some yummy French toast!


We than opened presents and I got some great gifts! From my camera lens to my Keurig and UGG slippers, there was some great stuff. I got tons of clothes and mugs and some stuff from Vera Bradely!

Overall it was successful Christmas!




What did you all get for Christmas?


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