November 2015 Goals!

November Goals!

November goals

All my goals are nicely kept in my planner, I have financial goals, sorority goals, school goals and just overall goals for my life!

  1. Sell three items of cookie dough

Category: Sorority

Details: Currently we are selling Cookie Dough as a fundraiser for my sorority. I have to sell at least three!

  1. Get a part-time job

Category: General Life

Details: I really just need a job as I am broke and with Christmas coming, I need some source of Income.

  1. Deans List

Category: School

Details: Woot School! ย At my school I need to maintain a 3.5 GPA to keep scholarships and I really want to make Deans List. I know the end of the semester isnโ€™t until next month, but I need to keep it maintained and up some of my grades (cough cough ethics and diversity)

  1. Start Christmas Shopping

Category: General

Details: Christmas is so close, if I donโ€™t start soon, I will be broke in negative two seconds. I also have my big and grand bigโ€™s birthdays coming up. SO MUCH IS HAPPENING and so much money needs to be spent.

  1. Finish Financial Binder!

Category: Financial

Details: I am currently in the process of making a Financial Binder for the remainder of this year and all of next! I am so excited and it is coming along slowly but surely. And I promise there will be a post about it when I am done, maybe even one sooner! Keep a look out!

  1. Post a Blog Post at least once a week.

Category: Blog

Details: I really want to put more dedication to my blog and to whoever is reading it (I really hope someone is), so I thought this was a great start to doing so.


What are your November goals?

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