My Obsession: Peppermint Mocha Latte

Peppermint LatteHappy Saturdy Everyone! I thought I would share my most recent obsession with you all SO, here it is!



Recently, I went to Starbucks as my boyfriend was willing to treat (I know he’s cute haha) and I was stuck on what to get, especially since my last favorite, the toasted graham latte, was sold out, so I went for it. I’m normally not a bug sweets person, but this latte was calling my name.

Now today, I went to Dunkin on my campus as my Grand Big was willing to treat me, and bam I was stuck on what to get again because well I never go to Dunkin (I know what kind of Masshole am I for picking Starbucks over Dunkin), but I impulsed decided to get the Peppermint Mocha Latte and after them giving me a Pumpkin Mocha first, I finally got that latter and man, it was good!


Does anyone here like Pumpkin Mocha Lattes from Dunkin?

What is everyone’s after Halloween favorite drink?

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