I Love Fall… Six Reasons as to Why

fall blog

So, to welcome fall, I have decided to make a list of the top six reasons I love fall!

  1. The Colors

Who doesn’t love brown and dark greens and oranges. They are all so pretty!

  1. The Clothes

Finally we get to break out sweaters, jeans and boots. I also get to break out the flannels and vests!

  1. Outside!

It is perfect for nice walks and hikes. I mean, who doesn’t love to walk around in the leaves and the crisp weather.It is literally so beautiful outside and is perfect for taking cute fall pictures also!

  1. Pumpkin and Apple Picking

Who doesn’t want to go pick pumpkins and apples! And cider, you can get cider there, fresh cider!


Who doesn’t love to sit in front of a warm blazing fire, with a nice glass of warm cider.

  1. Cuddles!

It is cuddle season, leave the window cracked and enjoy each others warmth.

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