Meghan Trainor Concert

Last night, my “second mom” brought Christine, Joelle and me to the Meghan Trainor concert.

Meghan Trainor Concert
Meghan Trainor Concert

After growing up with her all through elementary school, along with her younger brother being in my grade and her older brother being in my sister’s grade, we saw a bit of each other growing up. She has made an impact on our island and to say the least, the county. She is an inspiration to any age, as there were people ages six to sixty at her concert, cheering her on. I couldn’t say I was prouder of the beautiful, talented woman she has become. She chose to fight for her dreams and to persue every last chance she was given. Meghan knew what she wanted since she little and to see her actually on a stage in Boston, with two opening FOR HER, I am just amazed. She is not only an inspiration to hundreds of people, but to me. She has inspired me to continue to fight for what I want and to persue any crazy dream I have.

At the meet and greet, where she wasn’t suppose to be talking, she dropped her sign to hug us all and tell us how happy she was that we were all there. It was a meet and greet full of hugs and laughter and some cute pictures, not to mention we were only suppose to have a minute and we took about ten.

The venue was spectacular, the seats were great and lets be honest, there was no bad seating. I loved your new song, Good To Be Alive. I loved Charlie Puth opening for you and his version of See You Again without Wiz Khalifa. Along with Life of Dillion all the way from England. I think the whole concert was an amazing experience, there wasn’t a dull moment! I also found Meghan to be full of energy and her dance moves on point! Now my current suggestions to my readers would be to go to Spotify and listen to Life of Dillion, go to Youtube and listen to the other version of See You Again and then to sit back and wait for Meghan’s next release to amaze you, as we all know it will!

And lastly to Meghan, I can’t wait to see where your crazy, amazing life takes you. Your family, your friends, and your island are so proud of you.

I want you to keep doing you because you’re pretty great at it!

Meghan Time

Meghan TimeMeghan Time

Meghan Meet and Greet



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